Kristian King holds a unique position in Australian ceremonial furniture design and making, being the most commissioned maker of ceremonial furniture for Australian Universities.

Kristian has designed and made ceremonial furniture for The University of Melbourne, Australian Catholic University, Deakin University and Macquarie University.

Kristian was honoured to receive the commissioned by Macquarie University to create a suite of ceremonial furniture to succeed the significant, early colonial William Temple ‘Governor Lachlan Macquarie’ chair – the pair of which is housed at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney. Likewise Kristian was commissioned by the University of Melbourne to design and produce a suite of ceremonial furniture to succeed that of iconic Australian furniture designer Grant Featherston.

Kristian’s ceremonial furniture includes lecterns, throne chairs, ceremonial chairs, mace stands and tables, degree tables and cabinets.

Kristian King’s majestic designs for ceremonial furniture embrace the history and prestige of the Universities for which they have been designed and made. Showcasing the values, history and honour of these eminent institutions Kristian’s ceremonial furniture is at the heart of the graduations, travelling the world in the photographs of each and every graduate.